Letter to WashPost on their Illegal Immigrant Crime reporting

     Mr. Ingraham,

I read your article on criminal alien crime.

I would like to know why you focus the attention of the discussion on the comparison between undocumented persons and native born crime data. And you cite a report that focusses on just Texas which is misleading.

The Government Accounting Office’s 2018 report [ https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/693162.pdf ] says from 2011-2016 criminal aliens:

  • Murdered 6,000
  • Kidnappings 5,600
  • Terrorism arrests 400
  • 13,500 Rapes and Sex Offenses
  • 108,400 Assaults
  • 44,900 Burglaries
  • 336,600 Drug arrests
  • 400 Arsons including a National Forest

I don’t understand why you and many others who write for the Washington Post never mention these victims. The Washington Post has been very supportive of the #MeToo movement. So why would they not care about the 13,500 rape and sex offense victims from 2011-2016?

That is 6 years of data, which is 2190 days.

That’s 6 women who are raped or offended sexually every day.

That’s 2-3 murders a day

That’s 50 assaults a day

That’s 20 Burglaries

That’s 2-3 kidnappings a day

That’s 100s of drug offenses a day.

Why don’t put the focus of your reporting on these victims and their families in the same way you would for any other #MeToo victim?

Please help me to understand.