If you are not part of any religion, you are most fortunate. People who are already indoctrinated by one of the many religions, are also cemented to their traditions, theologians, and rituals.

All 3 major religions see God through the lenses of their traditions. This is backwards, in all things you should see through the eyes of Yahweh.

You have an  advantage over:

– The Christian who worships a 3 headed god  because a Roman emperor and a large group of bishops decided god was 3 people.

– The Muslim who, without verifying evidence

[Evidence = fulfilled  prophecy + a claim that Yahweh sent you, is  how you verify a prophet according to God in Deuteronomy 18.20-22]

believes Mohammad is a prophet of God.  Mohammad re-wrote his own version of scripture. Since Muslims no longer read True Scripture at all, they are thereby barred from Yahweh’s direct words.

-The Jew, who, follows the tradition of equating the writing of men [The Talmud] with the words of Yahweh.

The Jew serves the ‘sages’ by keeping their commandments. The Jew sees Yahweh through their commentaries. They’ve invented a “Oral Law”. They say “These are the things Moses didn’t write down”. With such an invention, it allowed men to write whatever they wanted and speak for Yahweh.

The purpose of this website and the desire of Disciples of Jesus, is to make Disciples of men & women. Jesus said, “Go and make Disciples of all nations”.  A Disciple is a student of Jesus.  Also we desire that people who want  reality, also called ‘Truth’, will seek God in Reality, without the mixture of man made traditions and the 1000s of systems theologians have made.

Unlike the 3 main religions, we want you to go straight to Yahweh. Disciples of Jesus make it  clear that anything we say that is not a direct verbatim quote from Yahweh or Jesus, is prone to error.

Even what I am posting here should not be taken as absolute truth unless the seeker finds what is said coming out of the mouth of Jesus or Yahweh.

For there are 1000s of websites and Youtube channels with  people saying

“I have the Truth, and let me tell you what it is”.

We say, “Only Yahweh and Jesus can lead you to reality, or The Truth, go to  them directly”.

We can only show you what Yahweh says. But even that  should not be trusted because many  denominationalists use scriptures to spin webs [Combine unrelated verses to make God say what they want God to say] and catch people.

Sure some of what they conclude is true, but often it is not.  This is why there are 1000s of denominations.

You can go through the
Jewish 613 laws and see if the verses they cite, verify the commandments they are telling you to practice. You will see very often the verse in no way mentions the  commandment, or they don’t cite any verse at all from the Torah. Yahweh warns us a few times not to add anything to His scriptures. The founders [ Paul, Mohammad, The ‘Rabbis’]   of the 3 major religions had no problem putting things in Yahweh’s mouth.

You can go through the many Christian websites and their ‘Statement of Faith’, and you will find a very heavy reliance of Paul.

Just like Mohammad,  there is no reason to allow Paul to speak for Yahweh or Jesus. This is the tradition of  the mainstream Christian Church.

It is clear in all 3 religions, the conclusions they draw  contradict Yahweh’s words in the Tanakh [Tanakh = ‘Old Testament’] and  the 3 True Gospels Matthew , Mark, and Luke..

Starting now I would suggest you determine to know absolute truth/reality by seeking out  Yahweh. As you ask for forgiveness, and as you forgive others and  repent from Sin, ask Yahweh to contact you In  Reality.  .That is, contact you in a way that is clear, not vague and doubtful.

You should, and maybe must ask this “by the authority of Jesus the Messiah”

If you are now going to seek Yahweh/God, and you never have, then life just got real. IF you have any

questions for us,email: [email protected]